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ViewMaster Pro - MOTORISED ROLLER SCREEN - 120" 16:10 Wide-Screen (Image Size: 162cm H x 259cm W)

RRP: $1699 - EQ Pricing from under $1150+gst - Commercial Pricing from under $1300+gst

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AVP Display Solutions

AVP Display solutions support and install our own brand of advanced display system in addition to many of the other 'premium' brands, including: BenQ, LG, Epson, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips and more...


This Epson EB-G7500UNL

projector has an RRP of: $5,699

(LENS is NOT included!)

paired with the 'Epson ELPLM08 Middle Throw Zoom Lens  - RRP: $679'

Our project solution would provide an image of  200" 16:10 (4.3M Wide) at 6.3M~10M projection distance

Project total (as above) would be provided with a

'hardware' total for the above projector and lens 'as a kit' for UNDER $4900+gst

(assuming the install labour and mounting items are also included[added] in the solution quote/proposal)

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inspect your project first hand

we will then provide a prompt and detailed quotation!


With licensed electrical and data installers on 'direct staff', we believe you will find our pricing and quality of service not only 'hard to beat' - but; we challenge you to find a more cost-effective AV integrator in QLD! 

(while 'like for like' price beating may not always be possible in our industry, we pride ourselves on sending our 'best quote first' and, if we are not offering a competitive deal, we are happy to take any other market pricing back to our suppliers to 'fight' for a lower cost; to allow delivery of the best value outcome to our end user in EVERY case!)


We may be the only AV operator in SE-QLD that can boast directors with more than 25-years of HANDS-ON management and installation experience!

(One of our directors was the GM of an IT solutions company for over 15-years, and the other is a licensed electrician with more than 10-years of AV installation experience)

Epson - EB-G7500UNL
Installation Projector

WUXGA Resolution (1920x1200 - 16:10)
6,500 Lumens Light Output
6,500 Lumens Colour Light Output
360° Projection
Edge blending
Powered Lens Shift, Zoom and Focus
Crestron® RoomView® / AMX® Device Discovery
10 Lens options
Network: Monitor / Control