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'smart phone' above with 'app' is for example only, no smart phone is included - the 'Logitech app' is free!

Logitech - Harmony Elite [915-000258]
One remote, replaces 10x+ in under 3HRs!

Designed for home and small business applications

2-year warranty cover

available with customisation by AVK as a +$180 option

World-Class quality, built by one of the leading IR factories


Broadlink RM pro WIFI+IR+RF+BT Control system - 

RM2 PRO & Broadlink RM mini3 Universal WIFI / IR unit [BLAVK-17R2]
One system, replaces all remotes in under 6HRs!

Designed for home and small business aplications

5-year warranty cover (when installed by AVK)

available with customisation by AVK as a +$480 option

World-Class quality, built by one of the leading IR factories

The perfect smart home starter bundle designed for an exceptional one-room entertainment experience. Connect and automate all of the gear around the TV with just one remote that features a low-profile charging cradle to keep remotes continuously charged. This bundle delivers a beautiful, intuitive, and responsive on-screen user-interface, giving users the ability to control virtually everything in an entry-level Control4 system. With included lighting products, this bundle introduces homeowners to living with smart lighting. Start the TV and set the lighting levels with one

button on the keypad or turn everything off just as simply with a single touch. 

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our Skills Include

System Design
Innovative solution proposals

Dynamic adoption of 'best practices'


Client outcome focus with NO NEED to be 'overly technical' with our explanations of recommended solutions

(we want our clients to clearly understand the solution in plain English!)​​

  • Image-1: Shows that you can replace ALL of your remote controls with this system - also, it is all backed up in the Cloud!
  • Image-2: Shows 'If, Then' automation systems, you can set 'IF = the front door opens after 6pm -- THEN = Turn on entry/hallway and kitchen lights'
  • Image-3: Shows 'If, Then' automation of  - 'IF = the temperature in the lounge room is over 24c at 10am -- THEN = Turn on AC at 22c' - NOTE: this requires the optional $149 'Environment Sensor'
  • Image-4: Shows that you can automate your window shutters & also trigger your AC or TV from your phone via the WEB when you are not in the house or via 'set' or 'new' timers/actions.
  • Image-5: Shows integration with AC, Humidifiers and Heaters - any device or 'connected' GPO (Power outlet) can be added to your system.
  • Image-6: Shows a TV turning on at a set time for a sports match, and the correct channel selected.
  • Image-: Shows the app screen when you are using 'AC, Direct control' manually.​

Logitech Harmony Elite Advanced Universal Remote
* One-touch Activity Buttons
* RF Wireless Capability via Harmony Hub (included)
* Control game consoles with Bluetooth
* 225,000 Device Database
* Motion-activated, Backlit Controls
* Vibration Feedback
* Customizable 2.4" Touch Screen
* Harmony Smartphone App - FREE!
* Recharging Station
* 2 Year Warranty

G-View - IRUL-17R1
One remote, replaces 5x in under 1HR...!!!

Designed for home and small business applications

5-year replacement cover available with custom

buttons as a +$70 option.

World-Class quality, built by one of the leading IR factories.

RRP: $279 incl gst


With licensed electrical and data installers on 'direct staff', we believe you will find our pricing and quality of service not only 'hard to beat' - but; we challenge you to find a more cost-effective AV integrator in QLD! 

(while 'like for like' price beating may not always be possible in our industry, we pride ourselves on sending our 'best quote first' and, if we are not offering a competitive deal, we are happy to take any other market pricing back to our suppliers to 'fight' for a lower cost; to allow delivery of the best value outcome to our end user in EVERY case!)


We may be the only AV operator in SE-QLD that can boast directors with more than 25-years of HANDS-ON management and installation experience!

(One of our directors was the GM of an IT solutions company for over 15-years, and the other is a licensed electrician with more than 10-years of AV installation experience)


(1) EA-1 Controller
(1) SR-260 Remote
(1) SR-260 Remote Charging Station
(1) SR-260 Rechargeable Battery
(3) 240v Square Keypad Dimmer
(3) Square Keypad Button Kit (White)

Promo-2017-RRP: $2,499 incl gst

Control4 EA-1 RSK with Basic Square Lighting 
One system, replaces many remotes in under 8HRs!

Designed for home and small business aplications

5-year warranty cover (when installed by AVK)

available with customisation by AVK FROM +$980 option

World-Class quality, built by one of the leading IR factories

AVP Display Solutions - IR, IP & RF Control systems

AVP Display solutions support and install: Control 4, Yamaha, Logitech and other new and innovative control systems for home and business...

NOTE: We have solutions that cover AMX and Crestron application, however, we do not recommend AMX and Crestron as a general rule, as the 'programming' costs can be prohibitive on these two brands - we strive to deliver the quality & VALUE to our clients on every quote!

Promo-2017-RRP: $99 incl gst



Pack-1 - $949

[with 1x iPod Touch & 2x Light controllers]

Pack-2 - $2,499

[with 1x iPod Touch, 1x iPad mini & 6x Light controllers]

RRP: $449 incl gst

AVK Offer - $1980+gst

Only when AVK is also booked

to install, from $1480+gst



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