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 to save up-to 30%+ off RRP!!!

NOTE: You can swap the Projector and 120" 'roller' screen

for a 75" G-View LED Touch-Screen for +$4450 - Link...

​(RRP of 75" G-View touch-screen is: $7,370)

SML: $5650 + $2450 = $8,100+gst

MID: $5650 + $6250 = $11,900+gst

LRG: $5650 + $6250 + $4450 = $16,350+gst

($16,350 + $2100 camera kit = $18,450+gst)

<-- 5-Button wall pad

(back lit 'custom named' buttons)

CLICK HERE for 'How-To...' Page

(Set up C4/Alexa/Google-Home)

We (AV King) support and recommend the: - driver for Control 4 in Australia.

To understand why, see above linked page...

our Skills Include

System Design
Innovative solution proposals

Dynamic adoption of

'best practices'


Client outcome focus

with NO NEED to be

'overly technical'

with our explanations of

recommended solutions

(we want our clients to clearly

understand the solution in plain English!)

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inspect your project first hand

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This 5min video shows Control 4 in use with Voice Control via Amazon Alexa in a fully automated US Home.

[Pre and post sales info]

'Shopping list'...

3x Google Home mini

2x ChromeCast units

TOTAL Cost: (from) Under $300-AUD!!!

AVK's last quoted

install total: +$2100

**there are still some geographical limitations for media and other 'smart home' functions in Australia - however 95%+ of the 'smart home' experience can now be achieved in Australia with the correct 'know-how' - this is what we provide...

Call our sales team on (07) 3170 3706 for

'Project and Bid pricing'

 to save up-to 30%+ off RRP!!!

Add Logitech Video conferencing 

ceiling or table mounted

mic (4.3M pick-up)

with PTZ Camera system


This 6min video shows Control 4 in a home, video made by a USA based AV Company (that offers similar product and services, as we [AV King] offer for our local SE-QLD clients here in Australia)

Room install notes - Speakers:

A 4.5M x 6M Board Room can have 'just' 2x speakers (30W)

- recommended: 50W set or 2x 30W Sets

If your room is ~6Mx9M, you should have 4x ~50W speakers

installed (2x 50W Sets)

Shure Centaverse Overhead Cardioid Condenser Microphone (White)


PACK (with power unit) $499

Ph: 07 3170 3706

Q3-2018 is the perfect time to make your home SMART!!!

Amazon and Google now have 'full support**' for voice control of your home in Auatralia.

Our team (AV King) can help you install and understand the new way to control your home or business AV (you should never need to touch a remote control again - you do it all by voice and by app on your phone or iPad)

We have done more testing than many (if not all) other AV installers in QLD (Brisbane), we have rates that are much lower than others with comparable skills and best of all, WE LOVE AV (so, you will find our enthusiasm to help you solve any issue will be 2nd to none.)

Our Half-Day rates start from UNDER $500

Please call us on 07 3170 3706 to book an in-home consultation  -  Click-Here for more info...

                    PACKAGE RRP: $7,680+gst

   AVK's last quoted install total: $6250+gst

   Call (07) 3170 3706 for a custom quote and site inspection


This 1min video provides a quick overview of the Control 4 range of products for home and business deployment

EA-1 = best for 1x boardroom.

EA-3 = OK for 2~4 boardrooms.

EA-5 = best for 3x+ boardrooms.

*Above system can 'power-on' a Yamaha MusicCast AMP to run a set of 4x 6" Yamaha in-ceiling speakers - the cost to add in this hardware is $2450+gst - including 4HRs install time.


This 2min video demonstrates Control 4 in use with Voice Control via Amazon Alexa - now available in Australia!

local support!

Swap EA-1 to EA-3 +$900


 to C4-MDU-Lite +$1100


 to EA-5 +$1900

Yamaha RX-S601B Slim Line AV Receiver - with MusicCast 
Main AV system control system, to allow 'app control' from a dedicated Tablet &/or user's smart-phone

  • Yamaha RX-S601B Slim Line AV Receiver 
  • 4x In-Ceiling 6" Speakers
  • 120" Motorised projection screen
  • Epson EB-2245U 4200 ANSI - 3LCD WUXGA (FHD+ 1920x1200) Data Projector
  • 1-day (2-man team) install and testing