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This 5min video shows Control 4 in use with Voice Control via Amazon Alexa in a fully automated US Home.

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This 2min video demonstrates Control 4 in use with Voice Control via Amazon Alexa - now available in Australia!

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B2B 75" IFP TouchScreen


75" Interactive (IFP) G-View [GV75T-5YRE] - 4K/UHD LED Touch Screen -
RRP: $7899 - B2B: $5750+gst

Install the above to a wall - from $660+gst

- OR -

Have this as a mobile system on the below stand for $1240+gst total (for the cost of the mobile stand and on-site install in Brisbane CBD)
Mobile stand;

local support!


This 6min video shows Control 4 in a home, video made by a USA based AV Company (that offers similar product and services, as we [AV King] offer for our local SE-QLD clients here in Australia)


This 1min video provides a quick overview of the Control 4 range of products for home and business deployment

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